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Behind the Brand

I've always been a lover of jewelry and would never leave the house without my earrings; I just felt naked without them. Great jewelry is more than an accessory, it makes us feel good, its how we express our selves, it’s our identity.  


It wasn't until I was invited as a guest to a fancy black-tie event that I realized I couldn't find the right jewelry I needed.  My dress was nice but really needed something else, something unique. I couldn't afford to buy designer labels and the inexpensive options might tarnish - I was in a dilemma here! Finally, I took things into my own hands. With a clear vision, a beaded necklace came together with a few other pieces laying around the house. Before I knew it my very first necklace was made!

 ​After getting several compliments and inquiries about my necklace at the event, I knew there are women out there like me, who love stylish jewelry but also want great value. I had a specific vision of the type of jewelry I would design. The pieces would be different from other companies who either have high markups or offer great price points but sacrifice on quality in order to do so. I wanted to share my passion, my vision and my experience with women who feel the same way. In the summer of 2019, Emma Jane Jewelry was born.

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